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Contact Us

If you are contacting us to post an image, please submit it here.

If you are contacting us in regards removing a picture, please email us at the following email address: and in the email’s subject line please indicates “Remove A Picture From”. And please include a URL/link of the webpage which contains the link/URL/picture that you wanted to be removed in the body of your email.


*We take this serious, and We will be removing your picture/content within 5 business days after receiving your email notice. We will then reply to you with an confirmation email once content is removed. (Please email us again if you have not gotten a reply after 5 days of your submission. Maybe your email goes to our spam). Once a picture is removed, that whole webpage will be removed; and entering that URL/link will redirect you to the front page of the site.

*Keep in mind, is a user provided content website, which means pictures are uploaded by anonymous users. And we do not store any users’ IP addresses. Therefore, we have no ways to track down who uploaded a picture.

*Even if you are not the picture owner, if you notice anyone you know in a picture that should not be posted here, please email us the webpage URL/link, we will remove it.

*If you want to remove an image on Google, Yahoo, or Bing that directs to, please provide its full URL/link or screenshot to where we can locate this image on them. Please phase the full URL/link in the body of your email, and add the above subject/title line in the email. An image from them will take at least 72 hours to completely removed due to their cache feature. Most of time, it is because your URL/link is cut off, not been written in the body of an email, or unreachable that results in unable to locate your images and, of course, unable to delete the picture on our website. As long as we can see the image or have a complete link/URL that directs to the image, we can delete the image.

*After removal, the image should be disappeared from our site, and redirects you to front webpage. If you still see your image on any search engine websites, please wait another 72 hours and it will disappear after receiving our removal message or email from us. This is because search engine websites cached a copy of our website, and it takes time for them to clear/delete the original copy; and this part, we do not have control over it. However, search engines do remove images after their webpage been deleted. If you want us to take a look on this, please provide us a link/URL to your search result and provide a picture of the image that you want to remove from the search in the body of the email. (Feel free to highlight or circle your result on the picture, so we know which image or line in the result you are talking about.)

*Fail to have a correct subject line, which indicates above, in the email, and fail to provide a full URL/link of the image in the body of the email will result in delay in deleting, and unable to find the images. As long as we can see the image or have a complete link/URL that directs to the image to our site, we can delete the image.

*Sometime image is removed before you receive an email respond from us. If you still see the image exist after receive an email respond saying image is removed, please clear your browser cache and cookies.

If you are contacting us in regards removing a comment, please read below for steps:

1) Right next to your comment, you can click on “X” to hide your comment. Not sure if that works. It may takes few hours for it to be updated.

2) If above step does not work, you can try to delete your own comments by log into your own Facebook, and try to remove it from there.

We really do not have any control over it since it’s a Facebook comment. You can email us at and on the email’s subject line please indicates “Remove A Comment From”. We can try to click on “X” to see if your comment disappear.

For any other queries, please use the following email address:

We only provide email support. There is no phone support.